was born in 1985, as a result of the fusion of seven independent boron producers acquired by the Italian Gruppo COLOROBBIA

Business Policy | INKABOR SAC it’s an organization dedicated in exploring...

INKABOR SAC is an organization dedicated to the mining exploration and exploitation, as well as industrial processing and commercialization of boric products.

Aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility and committed to the continuous improvement of its processes, products and services for the benefit of their customers, shareholders, suppliers, for the welfare of their workers, the environment and the community at large, uses its Integrated Management System, which seeks to:

1. Comply with the requirements of our customers and improve their satisfaction.

2. Comply with applicable legal requirements and others which theorganization subscribes related to quality, environment,occupational health, and safety of our operations.

3. Promote continuous improvement of its integrated management system for quality, environment, occupational health, and safety; with the incorporation of applicable scientific and technological advances within the economic viability of the company.

  4. Manage the significant environmental aspects of our processes to prevent pollution and minimize environmental impacts.

5. Protect the safety and health of all members of the organization by preventing incidents, injuries, illnesses and work-related diseases by promoting consultation and active participation of all staff.

6. Develop programs to optimize processes and operations oriented to the achievement of organizational objectives.

Arequipa, June 2017.